10 Good health tips

Everyone wants muscles and abs in today’s life, but no one wants to exercise and sweat. People wish for healthy life and lifestyle, but they are not willing to make the first move.

Wake up early in the morning, drink plenty of water, practice safe sex, take proper sleep and follow the following tips to transform your life.

Today we will be discussing that how we can make our life better. So, let’s start with it.

10 good health tips

Tips that would lead to a healthy life

If we talk about the tips for good health, there are numerous tips which can be given. Henceforth, we would today discuss the non-obvious tips and points. Some common tips:-

  • Wash your hands before having meals
  • Wash your hands the moment you step into the home
  • Eat healthy food
  • Avoid fried food
  • Consume less salt and sugar
  • Do not add on salt after the meal is cooked/ prepared
  • Avoid junk food
  • Avoid drugs/ alcohol
  • Do not smoke
  • Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing
  • Prevent mosquito bites
  • Never drink liquid while standing

And the list will go on and on. So, now we will discuss the ones which we usually overlook or the underrated tips.

1.Wake up before sunrises

I know that in today’s life, waking up early in the morning before sunrise is difficult because the majority of today’s generation sleep post sunrise. But waking up before light has excellent benefits like:-

  • There would be no distraction. As mentioned above, people sleep post sunrise, so most probably, you won’t get messages on your phone. Therefore, no phone calls, no messages, and it would be peaceful in the morning. Henceforth, morning hours would be productive for you.
  • Waking up before sunrise means that you’ll sleep early a day before so that you can complete your 7-8 hours of sleep. And something which I realized since I have started waking up before sunrise is, if you utilize your day correctly, it is long enough to do all your tasks.
  • If you are doing a 9-5 job, you need to wake up early because then, before your office shift starts, you can work on your dream as no one dreams of working in a cubical throughout their life 9-5.
  • The best time to work out as it gives a great kick provides more energy and focus.
wake up before sunrise

2.Drink plenty of water

We are up to 60% water as a human body. A significant portion of our body is water henceforth, having plenty of water helps:-

  • Keeping yourself hydrated would save you from physical performance sufferance as it leads to altered body temperature control, increased fatigue, and many more things.
  • Drinking enough water helps your brain function properly as it is composed of 73% of water. Therefore mild dehydration of 1-2% of body weight can significantly impair many aspects of your brain functionality. It may lead to increased feelings of anxiety and fatigue.
  • In some instances, dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines. Dehydration is the most common reason for headaches. As per studies consuming 1.5litres extra/day can result in a significantly improved migraine-specific quality of life.
  • It avoids the creation of stone in the kidney as drinking more water makes you urinate more often, leading to dilution of the concentrated minerals, minimizing the chances of crystallizing and forming clumps.
  • It helps prevent hangovers as alcohol is a diuretic drink, leading to water loss after consumption, resulting in dehydration. And this dehydration further leads to fatigue, headache, and dry mouth.

What if you do not drink enough water

  • You will feel tired.
  • May face digestive problems.
  • Eyes will be sore, dry, and irritated.
  • Increases the chances of kidney stones; usually, small stones get flushed out when one urinates.
  • Disrupts saliva flow
  • Bad breath
  • Joints will ache if they are not hydrated by water.
  • Water loss/inadequate amount of water in the body might lead to a headache.
  • Cholesterol might shoot up in the absence of sufficient water.
  • Less liquid will slow down the blood flow then you will not be able to concentrate.

3.Practice safe sex

Nowadays, sex has become a part of almost everyone’s life; there was a time when it was taboo, but now things have changed. Nowadays, unfortunately, a 16-17 years of age kid is also involved in physical relationships. And being young children would not be much exposed to sex education, and this lack of knowledge might create problems later.

  • Unprotected sex may lead to diseases like HIV, STIs, and some infections. Therefore, using protection/ barriers like condoms, diaphragms, contraceptive rings, oral contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices (IUD), etc., are very important during physical contact.
  • Always go for latex or polyurethane-made condoms over natural material.
  • Keep a check on your and your partner’s body and immediately consult a doctor if you see a sore, rash, and blister.
  • Try and encourage sexual activities which do not involve the exchange of fluids between the two.

Note- In case of some complications, reach out to your elders or doctors on a priority basis.

4.Have regular checkups

We usually keep a check on our loved ones but overlook when it comes to ourselves, on our health, which is essential. Nowadays, even health insurance companies have started providing free checkups as it has become soo important because of our lifestyle and habits.

Henceforth, it is essential getting regular checkups. Benefits of regular checkups:-

  • Decreases the chances of getting sick as you would be well aware that what is going on within your body
  • Increases the chances of curing diseases at early stages
  • Reduces the future spent which could have incurred.
  • Increase lifespan and improves health

5.Take proper sleep

take proper sleep

Again, we know this still; we overlook it, even after being aware of its importance and how harmful it can be for us. On average, one should sleep for 7-9 hours, but most of the population does not take enough sleep due to work pressure, studies tension, or any other reason.

Age groupSleep required in hrs
Birth to 2 months12-18
3-11 months14-15
1-3 years12-18
3-5 years11-13
5-10 years10-11
10-17 years8.5-9.5
Sleep along with age

If you do not sleep enough, then what would happen within your body:-

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Irritation
  • Restlessness
  • It negatively impacts our mental abilities and emotional state.
  • It leads to compromising in the decision-making process and related activities.
  • If sleep deprivation continues for long, then it might lead to hallucinations.
  • The signals sent by your brain to different parts of your body might be delayed, decreasing your body coordination. 
  • Difficulty in focusing
  • Regular inadequate sleep would start affecting your mental health like brain fog.
  • It will make you feel uncomfortable, tired, and sleepy (as you have not slept enough)
  • A person might become short-tempered.

6.Take care of your gut

Probably the most neglected body system. The gut consists of bacteria which are collectively known as gut microbiota. Gut health directly impacts our mood, immune system, mental health, skin conditions, etc. To improve your gut health, you may consider:-

  • Having yogurt and probiotic drinks
  • Eat more whole grains, nuts, veggies, and fruits.
  • Brush regularly because the harmful bacteria might travel from your mouth to your stomach if you do not maintain dental hygiene affecting the system.
  • Eat fermented dishes as they have healthy and good bacteria like lactobacilli bacteria suitable for our stomach.

7.Do not run away from saturated fat.

Saturated fats are not suitable as they raise cholesterol levels, but they have many good things like:-

  • It increases good cholesterol (HDL) and brings down bad cholesterol (LDL), lowering the risk of heart diseases.
  • They protect our liver from alcohol and other nearby substances.
  • It helps in improving the immune system.
  •  It helps improve our bone health by absorbing the calcium in the bones; the body should have at least 50% of dietary fats that should be saturated.

8.Keep a balance in your relationships.

Along with physical aspects, even mental elements are essential. If you are not mentally sound, you won’t be able to do focus properly. As per studies, people with good friends and family live a healthier and happier life than those who do not have one. Follow the tips:-

  • A committed relationship with anyone leads to less production of stress hormones (cortisol).
  • Balanced relations set the perfect tone for an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • Being in a happy and healthy relation adds many years to your life as it avoids early death than ones who are not.

9.Have a flat stomach

Belly fat is a house full of diseases. The fat accumulates around the organs and harms our bodies.

  • People with belly fat have more chances of developing heart diseases. 
  • People with a larger waistline have unhealthy habits and uncontrollable blood pressure, which ultimately leads to increased cases of diabetes. 
  • The fat which gets stuck on the abdomen tends to lead to type-2 diabetes. Fat getting deposited on the hip means that, that the individual has lesser chances of it. 
  • More belly fat also increases the chances of cancer. In some cases, non-cancerous cells could turn to tumors due to the fat protein present in the belly fat.

What to avoid

  • Aerated/ Soft/ Energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Avoid less sleep; sleep for 8-9 hours on average.
  • Replace Coffee/tea with sugarless black coffee/green tea.
  • Try to avoid cooking oil (It contains a lot of fat)


Exercise every day for 45-60mins to stay fit. One should perform physical activities like lifting weights, swimming, water aerobics, walking, yoga, etc. All physical activities make us sweat, and sweating is essential for our body; it helps flush out oxidants and salt.

An individual is never too old to start exercising, the type and intensity might change with age, but even they can exercise to get the benefits of it. Benefits are as follows:-

  • It helps in controlling weight as we burn calories when we work out.
  • It helps in maintaining the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of smoking
  • Keeps your body and mind sharp.
  • Exercise develops your muscle and body, which helps in maintaining body structure 
  • Strengthen your muscle and bones, which in the later stage of life decreases the rate of loss of bone density.
  • A daily workout can improve your situation even in a chronic disease like arthritis as regular movement and exercise keep the body joints active, making it more flexible. 
  • It can uplift the mood of an individual, mental health, increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Stretching exercises help in improving flexibility.

As I said, that exercise is for everyone still these people should consult a doctor before starting it:-

  • Someone who is already suffering from arthritis, asthma, any heart or lung disease.
  • People who are obese in an odd way.
  • People who face chest pain and struggle to catch breath even after a small physical task.

Note- Ensure that you do stretching before performing any intense workout, and everyone can consider walking even without a medical examination.

Workout is something that everyone should do, even when you have a shortage of time. In this scenario, alternatives for exercises could be:-

  • Yoga
  • Gardening 
  • Use stairs instead of lifts
  • Trampolining
  • Take your pet for a walk
  • Hiking if possible
  • Dancing
  • Martial arts
  • Try handstands
  • Play in a playground
  • Use a bicycle to work if possible
  • Keep walking while talking on the phone


Every one needs good health and life, so practicing or performing the pointers mentioned above would help you achieve your goal.