8 Advantages of Water

Water: the essence of our life. Everywhere we have water, and even we, ourselves, are 60% water. If a significant portion of our body is water, can a slight change in its % make a substantial difference.?

So, today, we will be discussing the benefits of water. How can a slight increase in the % of water change our lives?

Water helps in constipation, treating kidney stones, treating headaches, overcoming hangovers, weight loss, and protecting our tissues, spinal cord, and joints.

It also helps in improving mood and brain functionality and helps us protect our tissues, spinal cord, and joints regulate body temperature.

benefits of water

Benefits of water

Water is one of the essential nutrients and full of good things. Therefore, without wasting time, let’s start with it.

Helps in constipation

Constipation is a big-time problem caused by infrequent bowel movements due to which an individual faces problems while passing stool. It is caused when your stool in the colon gets dehydrated (usually happens when the body takes water from the large intestine to hydrate the body).

People don’t want it; they still have it, and the worst part is not knowing how to treat it. We have the best and the easiest way WATER. Keeping your body hydrated helps in decreasing the chances of constipation.

If we keep our body hydrated, then the body would not run out of water, and it won’t take water from the large intestine, which is the root cause of constipation that will be eliminated if we drink plenty of water.

Drink at least eight glasses of water to avoid constipation.

Apart from the water, these may help in constipation:-

  • Consume more fibers
  • Try coffee/tea in the morning
  • Lower the intake of high fat
  • Exercise regularly, the moving body would lead to movement in bowel moving
  • You may consider having pre/pro-biotics

Helps in treating kidney stone

Stones are crystal clumps that get formed in the urinary system. Flushing out them can be painful. They are usually found in kidneys, commonly known as kidney stones. Dehydration is one of the primary reasons for kidney stones.

Drinking a lot of water plays a vital role in preventing the new formation of stones as it dilutes the substances which lead to stones and passing those kidney stones.

An increase in the intake may speed up the process. It also helps in urinating out oxidants and toxins. Intaking 236-230ml of water post taking any flavored remedy and intaking 1.5l of water extra throughout the day is recommended.

Note- Keep a check on the color of your urine; it should be pale yellow. Dark urine states that the body is dehydrated.

Helps in preventing and treating headache

Inadequate water in the body/ dehydration is the most common reason for headaches. Drinking water reduces the level of a headache for those who experience frequent headaches. Our body is 60% water, and our brain is 73% water. Water being a major constituent of the brain, can bring a change.

It also helps in treating migraines. A study found that having 1.5l extra water/day showed a significant improvement on the migraine-specific quality of life scale.

I wouldn’t say I like having too much water, but if you go for soda or coffee to complete the fluid deficit in the body, they won’t serve the purpose; they will even make our body even more dehydrated.

Drinking water at room temperature will not be as difficult as cold water. You may try having water with lemon/cucumber, or maybe both in it; that flavor might make it easier to have it.

Note- Not all the studies say the same thing. Researches are still being done on this.


Overcome hangover

Water is not an answer in case of a hangover, but it helps in reducing it. Alcohol is a diuretic drink (drinks that lead to water retention) that expels the water from our body, leading to dehydration, and water can replenish that by hydrating us.

Post consuming diuretic drinks have water to avoid dehydration which can lead to a hangover. Consuming water in between your drinks and glass before going to bed might decreases the chances of it.

Other ways

Alternative to water are as follows:-

  • Medication
  • Eating breakfast the following day as low blood sugar contributes to hangover
  • Anti-oxidants like berries, nuts, and seeds, cherries, grapes, carrots, dark chocolate, ginger
  • Drinking coffee or tea, a caffeinated drink, would help improve the feeling of fatigue caused by hangovers.

Hangover depends upon

Few of our fellows consume double what we have; still, they are totally fine the following day while we face hangover. There are several reasons behind it:-

  • The type of alcohol
  • The amount of alcohol
  • How often an individual consumes alcohol
  • Sex and age
  • Personality differences
  • Biological factors
  • Body type

Weight loss

Water helps in boosting metabolic rate and satiety. An increase in metabolic rate would increase the number of calories burnt daily.

In a research, overweight people were asked to have 500ml extra thrice a day for eight weeks before a meal. This activity led to a significant reduction in weight loss.

In this case, timing played a crucial role; drinking water 30mins before having a meal is the best.

According to other research done, people on which experiment was being done were supposed to have 500ml (16.9ounces) before meal for 12weeks, and the results showed that it reduced weight by 44% compared to those who did not have water.

Note- For even faster results, you may switch from normal/cold water to hot water.


Protects our tissues, spinal cord, and joints

It is essential to maintain the optimum water level in the sensitive parts of your body like in the eyes, nose or mouth, blood, bones, and brain. Dehydration or inadequate amount of water might lead to dryness. Water helps in keeping the tissues moist. It cushions and lubricates the joints of the spinal cord.

Water helps produce saliva, which helps us digest food and moist the mouth. Water keeps our mouth clean because if you go for any other alternative like sweetened beverages, they may lead to tooth decay.

Cartilage found in joints and discs of the spine consists of 80% water. Water deficit may lead to reduced shock absorption ability which may lead to joint pain.

Helps in improving mood and brain functionality

A little bit of dehydration(1-3% of the body weight) may impair your mood, memory and impact memory, attention, and energy level as per the research in China. Dehydration impacts all the parts of the body, including the brain.

As per research, after losing 1.6% of the fluid, its members affected work memory, led to increased anxiety feelings.

Electrolyte (present in water) is vital to keep the body functionality optimum. Deficit of it may lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, and confusion.

Items that have electrolyte

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Banana
  • Watermelon
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Raisins
  • Fish
  • Chicken

These are some commonly consumed items that have electrolytes present. Find more items.

It helps regulate body temperature

When we perform any physical task, our body heats up, and to cool it down, it sweats. The water present in the middle layers of the skin comes to the skin’s surface as sweat. Now, our body is cool but continues the same thing in the future; we need to replenish that water.

If water excreted through sweat or urine is not replenished, then it may raise your body temperature because our body loses electrolytes and plasma during the process.

Note- If you sweat a lot or more than usual, you should make sure that you consume an adequate amount of water to avoid dehydration.

How much water you need

That’s a big question that how much shall I have? I’ve been consuming water throughout my life only when I felt thirsty. It is advised by experts to have eight glasses of water, which’s easy to remember and easy to achieve as well.

Eight glasses of water may be adequate for an individual, or it may be more than enough for an individual; it depends upon several factors like:-

  • Workout– If an individual exercise, then he/she would probably lose water through sweat. Therefore, he/she might need to increase the intake of fluids to maintain the fluid within the body.
  • Environment– At high altitudes or seasons like summer or humid, you sweat more than in winters.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding– As you have to feed and nourish the baby as well. Therefore, the body requires more fluids during pregnancy and till the time mother is breastfeeding her child.
  • Health– Medical conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and loose motion make you flush fluids at a faster rate than usual. Henceforth, have more water to maintain the level within the body.

What is the optimum amount of water one should consume?

Well, even this thing depends upon the climate and how many physical activities one performs. But if I help you with figures.

  • Men should have 15.5cups (3.7litres) of fluids a day.
  • Women should have 11.5cups(2.7litres) of fluids a day.

Note- We get 20% of our daily fluid intake from food and 80% from all sorts of fluids, including water.

Help keep skin glow

A hydrated body and skin may promote collagen production. Skin becomes more vulnerable to skin problems and premature wrinkles if the body has adequate water present. Our skin has plenty of water, and being a barrier prevents excess water loss.

Remember-Dehydration makes your skin look dry and wrinkled, which may fade away by being hydrated.

  • Water is not the only sole reason for reducing the effects of aging; there are many more aspects.
  • Overhydration won’t erase wrinkles or fine lines.
glowing skin

Tips for drinking more water

If you are one of them who tend to forget water and have it only when you feel thirsty, this is for you. You may consider these ways to intake more water:-

  • Flavor your water
  • Have a glass of water whenever you come back after the loo.
  • Nowadays, many apps keep messaging you to remind you that you need to have water.
  • Add ice to sugar drinks, so increase the content of water in those beverages.
  • Choose sparkling or mineral water or soda, or any other drink.
  • Have food or fruits which have high water content. Fruits like- watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, etc.
  • Make sure you have a glass of water after every cocktail you have to keep yourself hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic drink.
  • Fill the bottle as soon as you finish it.
  • Keep a bottle in all the possible places where you spend time, like your desk, study table, car, etc.

Facts about water

  • 75% of the human brain is water, and even a living tree is 75% water.
  • A person may survive without food for a month, but without water, one can not survive more than a week. 
  • Water expands 9% when it’s frozen.
  • There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there was when it was formed.
  • By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost more than 1% of the total water in the body.
  • Good hydration may prevent arthritis.
  • Good hydration can save you from cavities and tooth decay as water promotes saliva, and saliva protects us from cavities and tooth decay.
  • Fatty tissues have less water than lean tissues.
  • Children have a higher percentage of water than adults; it drops from 78% to 65% by 1 year.
  • Our blood is 90% water, and water carries oxygen throughout the body.


The inadequate water level in the body leads to dehydration. Dehydration upsets the balance of minerals(salts and sugar) in your body. As we have seen that what are the advantages of water? Now let’s see what would happen if we do not have enough water.

Signs of dehydration

  • Dry mouth
  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Dark yellow, smelly urine
  • Passing urine less than usual
  • Feeling thirsty

Consequences of dehydration

  • Headache
  • A fall in blood pressure may further lead to confusion, impairing both cognitive function and coordination.
  • Inability to control body temperature
  • In extreme cases may lead to infection in the urine tract.
  • The cardiovascular function gets impaired.

Well, these are some consequences to which dehydration might lead.


Water is one of the six nutrients which our body needs. Water’s value is underrated as we keep on consuming it and is available at our convenience. Everything has benefits if it is taken in a healthy way and extent. Have water and keep yourself healthy and happy.

Excess of everything is bad, be it water. These are the potential disadvantages of excess water consumption.

  • Sleep disruption- You may need to go to the loo in your sleeping hours, disrupting your sleep.
  • Excess sweating- Excess intake may lead to excess sweating.
  • Water intoxication- The water dilutes the salt in the blood, which leads to intoxication. Our kidneys can not flush out water quickly enough because water enters the cells in our body, which makes them swell.

Water intoxication may lead to death as well.

Excess of everything is bad, be it water. These are the potential disadvantages of excess water consumption.

  • Sleep disruption- You may need to go to loo in your sleeping hours which would disrupt your sleep.
  • Excess sweating- Excess intake may lead to excess sweating.
  • Water intoxication- The water dilutes the salt in blood which leads to intoxication. Our kidney can not flush out water quickly enough because of which that water enters the cells in our body which makes them swell.

Water intoxication may lead to death as well.