Benefits of Isabgol

Isabgol is an anti-inflammatory, sweet, and laxative dwarf herb seed that acts as a wetting agent when consumed, which helps in increasing the bulk density, helps in the passage of the intestine promoting bowel movement, and laxation.

Isabgol helps in cholesterol management, constipation, piles, blood sugar, weight loss, diarrhea, diabetes, Irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.

Today we will be discussing the benefits of isabgol in detail. Why does everyone say to have isabgol? Let’s see the advantages of having isabgol.


Benefits of isabgol

Isabgol targets and helps in the following areas of our body:-

Cholesterol management

Cholesterol regulation is important for everyone but it gets a little bit more important for people above the age of 50yrs. Intake of soluble fiber helps in managing cholesterol levels. Numerous studies have shown that consuming fibers like psyllium, as part of your diet reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Psyllium lowers the blood pressure, improves lipid level and strengthens heart muscles.

The hygroscopic property of isabgol helps in reducing cholesterol from the blood. It forms a layer in the intestine that prevents the cholesterol from getting absorbed by the food which helps in reducing cholesterol.

It also binds the bile acids with fats, which facilitates their easy excretion. At the time of secretion of bile juice, the liver takes the help of cholesterol to create the same amount of bile which leads to decreased cholesterol level.


For ages, isabgol is being used for constipation due to its laxative property. The laxative property of the isabgol absorbs bacteria and harmful toxins in the intestine which increases the lubrication inside the stomach wall which aids constipation.

It is also a bulking agent which increases the weight of the stool size-weight which helps in relieving it. The insoluble fiber of it softens and expands the stool which improves gut movement.

Isabgol’s absorbing water property further softens and increases the weight of stool which makes it easier to flush out.


Chronic constipation leads to piles. Isabgol also helps in congestion and bleeding caused by piles as it absorbs water and makes the stool bulky and thick which makes it easier to pass.

Isabgol manages to improve piles due to it’s cold and heavy nature.

Blood Sugar

Gelatin present in isabgol slows down the process of breakdown and absorption of glucose in the body which helps in managing blood sugar level. It is also a great source of dietary fiber which prevents and delays gastric in empty time as well.

Weight loss property

Isabgol helps you in reducing an individual’s weight, being rich in fiber it helps in cleaning the colon and toxins out of the body which is a reason for obesity. The dietary fibre of isabgol forms a viscous compound that limits the food cravings, increase satiety, reduces food weight and overall reduces fat intake.

weight loss

As the food intake will decrease and along with that if we will keep our regular routine, burning the same number of calories as earlier (if you can increase the no. of calories being burnt that will be an add on) that will create calorie deficit leading to weight loss.


Normal routine when not on isabgol- 3000 calories intake (-) 500 calories burnt = 2500 calories

Normal routine when not on isabgol- 2500 calories intake (-) 500 calories burnt = 2000 calories (creating a deficit of 500 calories/day)

The best time to have isabgol in order to lose weight is on an empty stomach in the morning or at night before going to bed.


In some cases, it is also recommended for diarrhea but one should not take it without a doctor’s prescription. The water-absorbing property helps as it thickens the stool and slows downs the passage through the colon thus normalizing the bowel movement.


Absorption of antidiabetic drugs like metformin improves glucose-lowering property and reduction in a sudden increase of glucose after meals help in maintaining diabetes.

The real reason behind this is the reduction in the speed of breaking down of glucose

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Husk helps in recovering from irritable bowel syndrome by adding extra volume to the waste and by absorbing extra water which makes the path easier for stool to pass. Moreover, it creates a protective layer on the inner side of the stomach which helps in reducing hyperacidity.

Tip- Consume isabgol with curd for best results

Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a type of Irritable Bowel Syndrome that is caused due to chronic inflammation of the larger intestine. As husk helps in diarrhea and constipation by acting as a colon clean removing toxin and non-toxic elements which might be contributing to Ulcerative colitis.

It also has a healing effect on the colon by repairing the protective lining system in the colon which suppresses the flare-ups.

Isabgol is for?

Isabgol is for all people who are suffering from constipation, diabetes (Type 1 and 2), diarrhea, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, piles, and many more problems.


Consumption of anything in the right proportion is really important to maximize the results. You may intake it in the following manner.

  • You can take isabgol with water or milk.
  • Intake 1-2 teaspoon of isabgol/psyllium husk powder
  • Mix it with lukewarm water or milk
  • Preferably consume it at night before going to sleep

Incase of capsules or seeds the quantity might differ but the way to intake it would remain the same.

Note- People suffering from parkinson’s disease consult with their doctor before consuming isabgol.

Also known as

Isabgol has many synonyms like Plantago ovata, Ispagul, Isabgul, Bartang, Isabagolu, Umto, Urthamujirum, Ghora jeeru, Ishakol, Ishapupukol, Ispagola vittulu, Ispagala, Isphagula, Eshopgol, Psyllium, Blond psyllium, Bazrequatuna, Bazrekatima, Isphaghol, Isparjah, Ispoghul, Aspsgol, Isparzah


If an individual intakes isabgol in the right manner with right quantity after getting prescribed by the doctor then it can benefit that individual at an immense level.