Benefits of Orange

Since my childhood, I have been consuming orange, be it in the form of juice or fruit salad and when I grew up and started going out then I noticed that it is also used as a decoration piece in cocktails. It is a tasty, juicy fruit that is full of fibers which are also known for their citric nature.

Oranges are anti-inflammatory, full of fibers, calcium, good sugar, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. These elements of oranges benefit us in heart-related problems, kidney stone prevention, anemia prevention, lowering blood pressure, and skin.

orange juice

Well, there are a lot of benefits and features associated with oranges. So, let’s discuss them in detail and see that how it can benefit us.

Benefits of orange

So, let’s start appraising oranges with its first benefit that is heart-related problems.

Benefits for people with Heart problems

The annual number in India for CVD(Cardiovascular disease) was 4.77million in 2020. Cardiovascular disease is one the biggest reason for non-communicable diseases as per WHO. Well, orange is a natural way to protect us from all these.

heart problem

These factors all together help in lowering the risk of heart diseases.

  • Regular consumption of orange juice for 4 weeks helps in thinning effect and may help you in reducing blood pressure drastically.
  • Flavonoids present in oranges have protective effects against oranges as they reduce the risk of ischemic stroke. Ischemic stroke accounts for around 87% of all strokes. Apart from oranges flavonoids is present in grapes as well
  • Fibers present in oranges help in decreasing cholesterol levels
  • Orange boosts your immune system which fights against germs
  • Oranges are a great source of potassium and people with higher potassium intake may have a lower rate of stroke and CVD.

Healthy skin

A secret way to keep your skin healthy is orange. Orange is a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin C helps in synthesizing collagen. Collagen is a protein that is vital for building healthy skin.

Vitamin C plays a role in the skin against skin oxidation, in antiaging of wrinkles, roughness, and in cell signal pathways of cell growth which are related to the development of various skin diseases.

Vitamin C also helps in the resistance of UV- induced oxidative stress. Moreover, deficiency of the vitamin might lead to scurvy in the world’s navies.

Benefits for people with Hypertension

Did you know that there could be a delicious and tasty way to manage your high blood pressure? Well, I was only aware of medicines that could help us manage that but as per some researches, oranges help in maintaining hypertension.

Potassium and sodium both help in maintaining blood pressure. Sodium helps in raising blood pressure, on the other hand, potassium tends to balance and keeps your BP in check. Orange contains a good percentage of our daily minerals intake which is around 8%.

Hesperidin a part of the phytochemicals group which is also known as citrus bioflavonoids functions as an anti-oxidant that might help in lowering down the blood pressure.

Orange also has Vitamin B (folate), which is essential for synthesizing DNA, metabolize amino acids, and avoids hypertension. Fresh orange juice contains 20% of the daily required folate.

Benefits for people with Diabetes

Having food with low GI (glycemic index ) may improve blood sugar. And oranges have a low GI, orange would trigger a rise in blood sugar but that would be very minimal which if paired with foods with healthy fats or proteins then it can be managed easily.

The fiber in orange goes undigested in your gut and has many benefits which include even disease prevention. Fibers slow down the rise of blood sugar level post meals by delaying the emptying of your stomach and reducing the time it takes to move the food through the digestive tract.

The vitamins present in the orange act as an antioxidant that fights oxidative stress in your body. The increased blood sugar level gives rise to oxidant stress which might lead to cellular damage. Therefore, being a diabetic patient an individual needs more Vitamin C so that he/she can help reverse oxidative stress.

Healthy eyes

Oranges are well known for their citric nature and Vitamin C and that Vitamin C can keep you far away from eye problems like developing cataracts and may even slow down age-related macular degeneration.

As per a study in Westmead institute people who had at least a serving a day of orange had a 60% reduced risk of macular degeneration 15years later. Flavonoids(powerful anti-oxidants) are present in oranges help in protecting our eyes.

Flavonoids are present in almost all vegetables and fruits and have anti-inflammatory benefits to the immune systems. Our daily intake consumables like tea, apples, and red wine but the rest of the consumables did not show any data protecting the eyes against the diseases. 

As per few researchers, daily intake of citric fruits can reduce the chances of dementia by almost 25%.

Benefits for women during pregnancy

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most important elements in a pregnant woman’s diet. The sweet and tangy flavor of orange might take you away from morning sickness and along with that being a good source of Vitamin C is also good for health.


Oranges are one of the best fruits to add to your pregnancy diet. Orange juice if fresh with pulp or raw fruit both would benefit the same.

Note- Avoid having tetra-pack juice as it contains preservatives.

Orange can improve the immune system of both the mother and the baby as it contains iron and zinc which are pretty important for the immune system. A good immune system would keep you away from allergies while pregnant.

A good immune system would also help in improving and developing cartilages, tissues, blood vessels, and bones of the baby.

Orange can prevent constipation during pregnancy as they are rich in soluble fibers and cellulose which can help in bowel movement.

Being 88% water orange is a good resource to keep oneself hydrated along with that they also provide sodium and potassium.


As per research people with a high level of Vitamin C in the body had better attention, memory, and language score in comparison to the ones with lower levels. Orange juice provides 93% of the daily value and these vitamins can provide neuroprotective benefits.

Well, there are some drawbacks as well associated with orange juice as it contains a ton of calories which might be a problem in the later stage.

Apart from orange juice coffee, green tea, blueberry juice, green juice, and smoothies are known which help in boosting the brain.


Being a good source of antioxidants, and other nutrients they help a lot in facilitating hair growth. Anti-oxidants fight and battle with free radicals, which prevents hair damage and boosts hair growth. Moreover, it has deep conditioning properties for your hair.

  • You can either use orange juice or dried peel powder and mix it with honey
  • Keep the mixture applied on your shampooed head for 10mins
  • Wash your head after 10mins
  • Get your dazzling, smooth hair in just 10mins

The B12 and Vitamin E present help in repairing damaged hair follicles. And stronger roots lead to hair growth.

In winter vitamin C present in orange can help you get rid of dandruff or itchy scalp. Add fresh juice or peel powder to your oil and apply.

Benefits for people trying to Weight Loss

For years fruit and fruit diet are a major part of the weight loss journey. A fruit diet is also a great way to lose weight but for now, we will be discussing how oranges help in this journey.

weight loss

As per research in 2014 the water-soluble vitamin present in orange may help in obesity prevention and management. Moreover, the nutrients might promote glycemic control while speeding up the fat burning process in our body.

Types of oranges

There are 5 types of oranges.

  • Navel Orange
  • Blood Orange
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Clementine Orange

Navel Orange

These oranges go as per their name, the apex of these oranges resembles the navel of human beings, making them easy to peel. They are a bit bitter in comparison to others and they are less juicy as well.

Blood Orange

Oranges are not just orange in color, they are ruby, blood-colored oranges underneath a thick peel. They are the most aromatic in the orange family having a tart yet sweet flavor. They are juice which makes them perfect for garnishing on cakes and desserts.

Blood Orange

Mandarin Orange

Relatively smaller than the rest of the type of oranges but they are sweeter and less acidic. Tangerines and clementines fall under the mandarin orange category.

Tangerine Orange

Even they are smaller and sweeter along with softer and thinner skin than the average oranges. They are considered to be one of the best when it comes to premature aging as Tangerine Orange is rich in Vitamin C.

Clementine Orange

Oranges with oval shape, glossy skin, flat apex, and without seeds are no other than Clementine Orange. A great option to be considered as a part of your evening snacks.


Now, we have seen how it helps and helps us to get rid of the problems. Now, let’s see the nutrients in orange.

Fat and Sodium Nil
Fiber 3grams
Sugar 12grams
Vitamin A 14micrograms 
Vitamin C 70micrograms 
Calcium 6% of daily intake
Potassium 237milligrams 
Carbohydrates 15.4grams
Nutritional Information in a medium-sized orange


Orange is a great fruit to have if it is taken in the right quantity. Well, if a person is suffering from any disease or problem then it is always preferred to check with your doctor as things and results might differ from person to person.