Night Fall

Nightfall is also known as Nocturnal emission, sex dreams, and wet dreams. One experiences ejaculation in cases of male and vaginal wetness in cases of females. Nightfall is common in adolescence age.

The frequency of nightfall depends upon person to person. Frequency in females is way less than the frequency in males.

What is Night Fall or Nocturnal emission?

Nocturnal means night and emission mean secretion; the fluid secretion at night is known as nocturnal emission or nightfall or wet dreams or sex dreams. It is a natural body process where the body releases semen.

When estrogen levels in females and testosterone in males increase, it leads to nocturnal emission. As per some researches, even exercise leads to nightfall as it increases the formation of semen in the body.

Why do we get nightfall?

Nocturnal emission happens due to hormonal changes inside the body and physical changes happening outside. Men can hold the semen, but the overflow/ excess gets flushed out at night as nightfall. There are few more potential reasons for the same:-

  • Touch to the genital area during the night when one is asleep
  • Failure to ejaculate during climax may store the semen in the passage and then release that as nightfall
  • The thin consistency of semen
  • Weakness of seminal vesicle
  • Having food or a diet which produces excessive semen
  • Avoid sexual activity for a long time
  • Weakness of kidneys
  • Viewing something erotic before sleeping

Nightfall usually happens late at night or during the early morning hours.

In the case of women, there can be many possible reasons for vaginal wetness. Those are as follows:-

  • Glands in the cervix and vaginal wall secrete lubrication to protect your genital area from injuries and tearing. Henceforth, lubrication helps in keeping the vagina clean and moist.
  • If the sexual activity has been avoided for an extended period
  • Weakness of kidneys
  • The amount of fluid depends upon many factors like
    • Hormone level, as the increase in the level of estrogen, leads to nocturnal emission.
    • Sexual arousal
    • Age
    • Viewing something erotic before sleeping
    • Mental Health
    • Stress
    • It depends where you are in your cycle, as after periods, the estrogen level increases in the body as it prepares to release an egg; the color would be opaque white of the fluid during those days.
    • In infections like bacterial vaginosis, wetness helps the infection move out of the vaginal canal.
    • It depends upon the outfit/clothing you are wearing.
    • It depends upon the type of birth control you used
  • Cervical fluid(mucus type) is not secreted when one is sexually aroused; it is the natural bodily response. Moreover, the color, texture, and consistency may differ depending upon your cycle and hormone level.

Frequency of nightfall

As per research, men who watch TV for more than 3hours/day tend to have to get more nocturnal emissions than those who watch TV less. The frequency of nightfall ranges between:-

  • 0.36times/week= once in 3 weeks- 15yrs. old single males
  • 0.23times/week=once per month- 19yrs old married males
  • 0.18times/week=once in 5 and a half – 40yrs. old single males
  • 0.15times/week=once every 2 months

Some people have emission during a certain age, mainly during early puberty, while some get throughout their following puberty.

Note- The frequency of nightfall is not linked and has nothing to with the frequency of masturbation. Well, it is seen that people who have higher nightfall tend to have reduced masturbation rates.

Is nightfall good or bad?

As described in the definition, it is a natural phenomenon, a natural process, and a natural process can not be right or wrong or good or bad. It is the way it is. It can be bad or wrong as per an individual’s cast and religion because a specific religion or cast might not appreciate it.

In this scenario, one might feel guilt or ashamed or bad about oneself which might affect his/her mental health. But one should not feel bad as this is what he/she would have been taught. This bad feeling of being ashamed is something within your head, and what you feel/think apart from that, there is nothing wrong.

How to stop nightfall or wet dreams?

Nightfall is a natural process where the body manages the level of semen, or you can say testosterone which the body releases to maintain the optimum level within the body. Few things might trigger or increase it or something we can do in excessive nightfall.

  • Get in touch with your doctor as they are the right ones to guide you and tell you the exact reason as to what is leading to regular or excessive wet dreams.
  • Avoid using soft blankets and mattresses as even if an individual is asleep, touch or rubbing against the organ might trigger an ejaculation. Therefore, try sleeping on your back on a bit hard mattress.
  • You might consider decreasing the intake of food items that boost or increase testosterone levels in your body.
  • If you are a gym freak and to improve the body mass or muscle if you consume testosterone booster or steroids, then, in that case, you should decrease the intake of them. Stopping or reducing the intake does not guarantee that you won’t get nightfall, but it might drop its frequency.
  • One may try and see if changing lifestyle helps them, limiting the frequency of masturbation and avoiding pornography.

Myths about nightfall

There is more irrelevant information on nightfall as compared to the relevant and correct information. Henceforth, I want to make you familiar with the myths:-

  • Nightfall is bad or wrong- There is nothing wrong or abnormal with it. There is a certain age where an individual gets nightfall or nocturnal emission, and it gets a stop.
  • Illness- It is also said that nightfall is a sign of illness. Well, it is a perfectly normal and natural process.
  • Weakness- One of the biggest false is that it decreases immunity. It occurs when someone does not get rid of the excess sperms. Therefore, to get rid of it body gets rid of it through nightfall.
  • Sperm count- Nightfall impacts the sperm count. Excess of sperms leads to nightfall, and to keep, manage the healthy sperms, our body mechanism induces this process.


Nightfall/Nocturnal emission/Sex dreams are a normal thing. It can happen to anyone and at any point in life. It is neither good nor bad, it is a natural process of the body, and one need not be ashamed or feel guilty for it. In the case of females, if one gets excessive wetness, she might consider consulting with a doctor.